Jajah Napaphatsorn

Jajah Napaphatsorn

Founder & Vegan Chef of Veganerie, Bangkok

Meet Jajah Napaphatsorn, the founder of Veganerie and pioneer of vegan Thai food in Bangkok. Jajah launched Veganerie in 2016 and quickly expanded to 6 branches, an online store and her own vegan collagen brand by 2018. Find inspiration from her story and spark change.


Jajah Napaphatsorn is the Founder & Vegan Chef of Veganerie, a vegan Thai food brand in Bangkok that she launched in 2016.

Her mother had already turned vegan but, at the time of launching her brand, Jajah was vegetarian. She was also passionate about baking and had been selling homemade vegan bakery products at markets during her teenage years.

Jajah's first Veganerie bricks and mortar venture was a vegan cafe at Mercury Ville, Bangkok in 2015. In 2016 she opened her first vegan restaurant in Bangkok called "Veganerie Concept" which offered a full menu and had a grocery on premises too. By 2018, Veganerie boasted 6 branches in Bangkok, an online vegan store and her own vegan collagen brand. Her vegan Thai food brand is also now available as a franchise.

Veganerie Visionary

A pioneer of veganism in Thailand, Jajah Napaphatsorn’s vision for Veganerie was to develop a lifestyle brand. Not dissimilar to the Starbucks concept, she set out to create destinations where customers could while away the hours in the comfort of contemporary chic spaces whilst feasting on vegan Thai food, desserts, smoothies, bakery, and coffee.

Her formula has proved successful and continues to grow in popularity. More Thais, particularly among the younger generation, are drawn to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Veganerie has also become a place for international travellers to beeline as soon as they arrive in Bangkok.

Vegan Thai Food Brand

Back at the beginning of her journey though, an overseas friend recommended to Jajah that she should avoid using the word “vegan” in her brand name due to its negative connotations. But what her friend failed to realize was that the word “vegan” had not, at that time, arrived in the Thai vernacular. There were no connotations to be concerned about and the stereotypical image often portrayed in the west of vegans, was baseless and unknown in Thailand.

Educate & Inspire

Jajah had a blank canvas and with Veganerie she has succeeded in delivering the word “vegan” and her Veganerie brand to Thailand by educating Thais, particularly the younger generation, of the benefits. Jajah’s contemporary, chic eateries are places people want to go to and be seen in. Jajah’s formula does not preach nor seek to convert. Instead her mission is to inspire Thais to think about going vegan one day.