Anontawong Marukpitak

Anontawong Marukpitak

Head of People at LINE MAN Wongnai

Anontawong Marukpitak (Rut) joined Wongnai as Head of People in 2016 where he manages a team of around 700 diverse employees. A prolific blogger, he is also the author of two books and regularly hosts workshops to help people develop skills for the future of work.


Anontawong Marukpitak (Rut) is Head of People at LINE MAN Wongnai, a company founded in 2010 as a Thai restaurant review platform, which merged with LINE MAN in 2020 with a shared vision to create a unicorn startup and provide consumers with an end-to-end food platform which, by 2023, would have pole position in Thailand.

Today LINE MAN Wongnai has evolved to become a lifestyle platform that “connects Thais to good stuff” through its comprehensive content and users’ reviews on restaurants, recipes, beauty, and travel.The company describes itself as an O2O (Online-to-Offline) service.

Anontawong manages around 700 employees ranging from web developers to delivery drivers. “Head of People” is a job title that he prefers over “Head of Human Resources”. He feels that the latter is impersonal and that employees should be regarded as “people” and not just resources:

“When we see the employee as a person, we will be more considerate towards them, treat them with respect and extend to them our duty of care. When employees know that they are well taken care of, they will extend the same level of care to customers. This is how a service-oriented organization can grow sustainably.”

Anontawong attended high school in New Zealand before graduating with a Bachelor's Degree (first class honors) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Asian University in Thailand. His first job was as a programmer for Thomson Reuters Company. After two years in this role he moved to the technical support department where he stayed for another 5 years but, in Information Technology, he knew that he had not yet found his passion.

In 2009 an opportunity arose in Reuters for a Communications Specialist which Anontawong applied for and got. He remained in this role until 2014 and in 2013 also completed a Master of Arts in School of Language and Communication, at NIDA. In 2014 he was promoted to Communications Manager and remained in this role until his move over to Wongnai in 2016.

Anontawong has also authored two books and is a prolific blogger regularly posting articles that explore subjects such as career, relationships and other perspectives. He also writes his own column and regularly hosts workshops attended by his blog and social media followers on Time Management, Storytelling, Presenting, Communications, Leadership and more.

Anontawong lives in Bangkok where he is married with two children.