Pan Pan Narkpasert (Pangina Heals)

Pangina Heals

Drag Queen

Pangina Heals (aka Pan Pan Narkpasert) is a half-Thai, half-Taiwanese Drag Queen, performer, entrepreneur, LGBTQI+ activist & fundraiser. Co-host of the very popular Drag Race Thailand Show, Pangina Heals is Asia’s most famous Drag Queen and is known as the RuPaul of Thailand.

Personal Profile

Half Thai and half Taiwanese, Pan Pan Narkprasert (TH: ปันปัน นาคประเสริฐ) is often referred to as the RuPaul of Thailand and is the creator of Pangina Heals (TH: แพนไจน่า ฮีลส์), Asia’s most famous Drag Queen. Shooting to fame as co-host of the hugely popular Drag Race Thailand, Pangina Heals has performed in events across the globe.

Pan Pan attended British international school in Bangkok before graduating with a fine arts degree from UCLA. In his adolescent years, he was insecure, overweight and effeminate. Pan Pan was bullied by his peers and battled both depression and bulimia. He found solace in art and music classes but didn’t find himself or liberation until he moved to California. Whilst at UCLA he had gay room-mates who exposed him to drag queens for the first time. Pan Pan also became part of a Korean hip-hop dance group.

After graduating, Narkprasert returned to Bangkok where he spent a year exploring the city’s art scene. In 2010, he entered a competition and won a trip to NYC to see his idol Lady Gaga perform in concert. He attended the concert in drag and fell in love, even though his “hair was terrible”, his “make-up was terrible” as he says on his CI Talk. Around people who shared the love for the fantasy, Pan Pan finally felt liberated. His parents even got onboard, building him a closet dedicated to Pangina’s wardrobe.

In Bangkok, Pangina Heals became well known for her regular live performances during gay nights at Maggie Choo’s, a very popular underground bar. Here she would make jaws drop with dazzling outfits, insult comedy, and waacking (a dance cousin of vogueing). In 2020 Pan Pan launched his own cabaret bar called “House of Heals” in the Victory Monument area of the city. With the COVID 19 pandemic in full swing though, the timing wasn’t right. In March 2021, the House of Heals was relaunched, this time at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel.

As an actor and television personality, Pan Pan Narkprasert has been in Lady Bangkok Boy, Drag Race Thailand (2018) and The Face Thailand (2014). Pan Pan is fluent in both Thai and English and frequently bounced between the two languages whilst co-hosting Drag Race Thailand with fellow Drag Queen, Art Arya.

In 2018, he was nominated by the city of Taipei (Taiwan), to be their Tourism Ambassador. But Pan Pan is an influential ambassador of Thailand in more ways than one. Beyond being an LGBT figurehead and LGBTQI+ Activist, Pan Pan is also an active fundraiser for charities and NGOs such as The Love Foundation (AIDS/HIV in Thailand), Camillian Home for Children and the borders of Thailand, home to the children of migrant Burmese.

Pangina Heals is Thailand’s most famous and influential drag queen with genuine celebrity status.




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