Bank Hip Hop Dance Thailand

Chindanai (Bank) Bhuwakul

Hip Hop Dance Choreographer

Meet Chindanai (Bank) Bhuwakul, a hip hop dance choreographer from Thailand. Losing his father at a young age, Bank discovered that, through determination, he could to turn his passion for dance into a dream career as a hip hop dance choreographer and judge.

Personal Profile

A hip hop dance choreographer from Thailand, Bank’s real name is Chindanai Bhuwakul. He got his nickname “Bank” from his mother. Nicknames are very common in Thailand and Bank’s Mom wanted his nickname to have something to do with money.

Bank lives by the philosophy that if you want to make yourself better than average, or the accepted standard, you have to do more than the average person does or go above and beyond the accepted standard.

Bank attended Satriwitthaya 2 School before graduating from Assumption University of Thailand. He also studied Arts at Seoul National University. He is currently a dance instructor at B House Studio in Bangkok. Previously Bank has been a dance instructor at FAI-FAH TMB and a manager at YG Entertainment.

With a focus on making dance and performing arts a profession, Bank has transformed himself from dancer to choreographer and judge. He was part of the organizing team for the SBFive concert in Myanmar and the KCON Thailand concert in 2018-19. He was behind the choreography for the song “Will You Stay TAO STP” and the song “Spark” by SBFive. He successfully passed the examinations to become a line judge in the Seoul Music Awards, guaranteed by SM Town and was himself awarded the the No. 1 KPOP Performance judge in Thailand. His journey as a judge began at “Dance To Your Seoul” for SMA.

Born on January 19, 1992, Bank is the second child and has 3 other siblings. His older sister, Beer, runs a candy shop with his Mom, his younger brother Bam is a KPOP sensation who is based in South Korea and his youngest sister, Baby, works for the Central Group in charge of imported clothing brands.

In his spare time, Bank likes cooking and exploring restaurants, swimming, target shooting and playing the game Othello (he was 16-match Memodel Champion).




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