Nikon Gormley

Content Curator

Nikon Gormley CI Talks Team

Nikon (James) is a professional coach, catalyst, speaker, entrepreneur in residence, educator and martial artist.

He is known for helping leaders, organizations, entrepreneurs, and business owners tap into their greatest resource; their innate wisdom, health, and capacity for insight. And through loving and creative disruption, they experience higher levels of clarity, well-being, grace and success. He has worked with Top Executives, Olympic Athletes, Celebrities and Leading Organizations from around the world.

As Content Curator, Nikon brings over 15+ years experience of studying, learning and working in the field of human potential and personal development. He is an expert at harnessing the power of insight to guide and deliver transformative content. He also has a talent for helping speakers go deep, and share powerful stories that move and inspire audiences. His sharp intuition helps him get to the heart of the matter faster, see what others don't and say out loud what others are not willing to say.

Nikon brings to the workplace a sense of clarity, ease, depth, groundedness, and lightness. He also enjoys teaching Taekwondo to youth, reading books, video games, watching movies, studying human potential, and cafe hopping.

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