Dares Amalasatian

Project Manager & Account Executive

Dares Amalasatian

Dares is an administrative genius that has been a valuable asset to countless organizations, for her vast skill sets in marketing, management, and business development. Like a vital cog of any company’s machine, she is trusted as the one to launch others into a better future.

As a strategist, she has led teams for advertising campaigns, events and collaborations. Her initiative, understanding of people, and her quick problem solving management experience, has caused a large variety of accounts and artists to trust her explicitly. Including but not limited to Miss Universe Thailand, Hakuhodo (Bangkok), and leading computer companies.

We can always count on Dares to create an upbeat and positive environment in the workplace. But she also enjoys creating beautiful atmospheres in her favourite hobbies, such as culinary arts, home renovation, and café hopping.

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