Adrian Gwyn Evans

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Adrian Gwyn-Evans

Adrian Gwyn-Evans is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for CI Talks. He brings with him extensive project management experience.

Adrian began his career in London working with P&O Events, Clarion Events and EMAP PLC. He relocated to Asia in 2001 where he has been based ever since working in events, hospitality and entertainment as well as online travel.

Adrian registered his own project management company in Thailand in 2009 which he has been running until joining the CI Talks team at the beginning of 2021. With a wealth of project management experience, Adrian's client list spans government agencies, multi-national corporations and brands as well as high net-worth private individuals. 

Adrian graduated with a BSc in International Agriculture from the RAU. He is also a professionally qualified photographer (BIPP). He has a passion for teaching himself new skills required to overcome obstacles and challenges. He is married and has one daughter.

When taking a break from projects, Adrian’s passions include exploring food, conservation & sustainability, performing arts, music, independent travel, equitation, motorcycling and marine sports.

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